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I have recently updated my lenovo 15-IIL to the latest ubuntu 22.04 LTS from ubuntu 20.04.03 LTS. Assuming that since its LTS release there shouldn't be major bugs I updated my system.

The problem is I can't use my touchpad. It's not recognized at all by the system. However, the usb mouse works completely fine.

I am aware that this model had this exact problem earlier and it could be solved by appending kernel parameters as in the thread here: Lenovo TouchPad V15-IIL not working 10th gen intel

The above method does not work when it comes to ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Can anybody help and confirm if there is any solution for ubuntu 22.04 ?

enter image description here

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It's works if you downgrade to the kernel 5.13 and follow this steps Lenovo TouchPad V15-IIL not working 10th gen intel

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