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One of the things I do immediately post-installation is remove about a dozen preinstalled apps. Use Aisleriot Solitaire as the example here.

I did a new (erase disk) install of 22.04. As usual, went into software, clicked the briefcase, selected "installed" and Aisleriot was at the top of the list, as usual. I noted that the button title had changed from "Remove" (20.04) to "Uninstall" (22.04). I clicked "Uninstall" and confirmed.

Got "Cannot uninstall Aisleriot. No packages found." Same for all other programs I want to get rid of. Is this a bug or do I need to do something different to unclutter the installation?

"apt remove aisleriot" appeared to work, but actually had no effect.

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That's a bug in Ubuntu Software. sudo apt remove * does remove the package, but it doesn't update the list in Ubuntu Software until the next time you log in.

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