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I'm trying to reload /etc/network/intefaces file to remove the current ens160 interface, but nothing I've found seems to do the trick.

What command is needed on 18.04 to do that?

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I found the root of my problem :

I wasn't using netplan. Since I upgraded from 16.04, it seems the upgrade didn't configure the relation between netplan and NetworkManager properly. This is probably caused by the hardcoded static ip I had added.

The solution I used is as follows :

  1. Using NetworkManager, create a wired connection to replicate the static ip I want.

  2. Remove all mentions of the hardcoded interface in the file /etc/network/interfaces

  3. Reboot ( I have yet to find how to skip this step, but whatever )

  4. Create the missing file /etc/netplan/01-network-manager-all.yaml

version: 2
renderer: NetworkManager

  1. sudo nmcli con up 'Wired connection'

  2. I executed the command sudo netplan apply, but I'm not certain if it's required or not

From there on, I can modify my connection then just down and up it to apply my modifications.

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