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Consider the following procedure:

1) Open a PDF file using the (Ubuntu) document viewer.

2) Goto File

3) Goto Print

4) Choose 'Print as file' and check the mark "pdf"

Yes, I am printing a PDF as PDF file. I have to do this for a large collection of files. I would like to do this running a script at the terminal.

Maybe you think that this procedure does not make any sense at all, but it actually was the only safe way I found to deal with the issue considered here. This StackOverflow question shows a problem with PDF files the EOF marker is not found. When I do the procedure described above, I am able to solve this problem [This is not the solution presented in StackOverflow site, which does not work here.]

I would like to this automatically with all files that present this issue.

I know that I should build one script (.sh) to this, but I do not know how to proceed.

An example of the PDF file (1) with problems is here

The corrected PDF file (2) is here

The only difference between them is that I opened the first using the "Ubuntu Document Viewer", I went to "File", "Print", "Print to File", "Output=pdf".

I want to make this automatically.


I do NOT want to merge the files.

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Make sure you have cups-pdf installed and added as printer. Note pdf printer name. (Optional) Edit /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf: uncomment and change the line where is says #Out /var/spool/cups-pdf/${USER} to the desired output directory.

Then restart CUPS: sudo systemctl restart cups

Now in order to print do:

for i in "$SOURCEDIR"
lpr -P <pdf printer name> "$i"

Now copy the files from the default output directory to the desired location, if you didn't edit cups-pdf.conf

Install poppler-utils and run pdfunite input1.pdf input2.pdf input3.pdf output.pdf.

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