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I previously used windows and had Acronis TrueImage that took System Image backups periodically. I cannot find any decent System Image backup tool but Deja Dup backup seems to be promising. CloneZilla only works with LiveCD or boot-able USB not a solution practical with my use case.

  1. Can I backup the entire OS with Deja Dup and restore it on another new Disk with fresh install of Ubuntu? will all the installed applications and users with permissions work?

  2. Which keys (.ssh, .gnupg, etc) should I take backup of and where do I find these keys in a normally installed and used Ubuntu OS? See: Deja Dup risk of data loss

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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  1. No, 1st off: permission are likely skewered: you need to probably make sure user id, and group id are identical. Also: it is not the intended usage for deja-dup. Clonezilla is not a backup tool and as such not a replacement for deja-dup.

  2. All files related to configurations for a $USER are in /home/$USER/. Do a ls -la to show hidden files. ~/config/ holds most of the settings; browsers; favorites/bookmarks, sessions,

  • .ssh: Default is likely /home/$USER/.ssh.

  • .gnugpg: all secret keys are stored in the private-keys-v1.d directory below the GnuPG home directory.

It is also not a good idea to copy all configurations over from another system: you will at some point run into compatibility issues. It is far more stable to re-install your applications and then copy settings over per app.

I myself do this:

  1. All my files are on a partition called /discworld/

  2. I have a script that alters all the settings I want changed after a re-install.

  3. During an install of Ubuntu I format / and /home/ and mount /discworld/. That partition has /discworld/Desktop and all other dirs.

  4. After install I run my script so all (g)settings are set, changed files (like ./config/users-dirs.dirs) are replaced by my version, and software I use gets installed.

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