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my target is to use my Ubuntu "persistent" partition in read-only mode.
In my boot menu, I would like to have ideally two optional commands, calling two different initrd.lz, one mounting casper in RW, the other mounting it just in a safe Read only mode. SO I can choose each time how to boot my system.
In applications like home-banking I would like to browse internet with all my configurations and latest security updates, being also sure that all will be back as before after I shut down.
Running just in live-mode, non persistent, I will instead need always to update all required security patches before connecting in internet....which is obviously a tedious procedure!
In spite of my security paranoia, can someone help me? Alternative solutions are also well accepted!
I changed the initrs.lz file, trying to mount casper in read-only mode...but I am a "beginner" and I failed. I also followed the suggestion in here: Mounting the persistence partition (casper-rw) read-only but it did not work...or I made something wrong!
Thanks and cheers

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Guest User accounts for 16.04 and prior, are controlled by lightdm.conf.

enter image description here

For a grub2 booters with persistent casper-rw partitions, such as mkusb:

Open casper-rw/upper/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and change:


Now there will be a Guest account.

For Syslinux booters with persistent casper-rw files such as UNetbootin: First mount the casper-rw file:

sudo mkdir /media/casper

sudo mount -o loop casper-rw /media/casper/

Then edit casper/upper/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and change:


A guest account will be added to boot options.

For 17.04 Gnome, LightDM has been replaced by GDM and GDM does not include a Guest session.

The user can install LightDM in 17.04 Gnome using:

sudo apt install lightdm

The install process will ask to remove GDM.

17.04 Gnome reports as being unconfined when in a guest session, caution applies.

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