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After exporting a script to ~/bin/script_name and running it successfully from the CLI at an arbitrary place with: script_name, I have updated the content of the script. However, this update is not reflected in the behaviour.

Old content:

echo "Old world"

New content:

echo "Hello world"

I saved the file, and reopened it, and it shows the new content.

Expected output:

Hello world

Actual output:

Old world


How can I ensure the renewed content from the ~/bin/script_name is used when I call it from an arbitrary location using: script_name?


First I tried closing and re-opening the terminal. Then I tried rebooting, both show the same, unexpected (to me) behaviour.

Additional information

Ubuntu 22.10, and the $PATH content is:


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You have a copy of the script located at /home/name/.local/bin/script_name which you did not update. This variation of the script are found first in the path.

Hence, when you run it from an arbitrary location, you get the old script.

Remove the script from this location:

rm /home/name/.local/bin/script_name

And only have your script in one location. Otherwise, you'll create a mess for yourself.

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