Friday, September 29, 2023
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Didn't see a solved thread before asking this, but if I'm stupid, pls point me to the one.

So by accidentally I mean it was not what I expected it to download. I managed to setup closed NVIDIA driver with Secure Boot on, but the latest source I could find was 4.15.13 (if there's newer, I would appreciate if somebody linked me the one) (actually header from /usr/src was enough to set it up, but still, 4.15.13 was the latest I could find). I executed

sudo apt source linux-source

and others, and now this is how my Home looks like:

This invokes me to delete all of these by hand (y'know, sudo rm), but I just thought if it was downloaded from apt, then these must be the similar automatic way to get rid of it too?

I would appreciate any help sharing info, it is my first month to face Linux as a whole, but it's fun, ain't it?

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As you can see with command man apt-get:

Note that source packages are not installed and tracked in the dpkg
database like binary packages; they are simply downloaded to the
current directory, like source tarballs.

There is no other way to remove sources than by hand.

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