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I have been using Ubuntu 21.10 for about slightly more than a month now and there is a design choice that irritates me.

The "Log Out" button is placed below the "Power Off" button in the system menu. You can see the image link below.

Image depicting menu with "Lock", followed by a seperator, then "Restart", "Power Off", and "Log Out"

It irritates me as I am used to clicking the last option in the menu, like Mac OS. Is there a way to put the "Power Off" button below the "Log Out?"

I have installed a few different Extensions to try and fix this.

"Bring Out SubMenu of Power Off/Logout Button"
enter image description here
As you can see there is no option for me to reaarange. :/

"Top Bar Organiser"

A few others, but just haven't been able to put the Power Off Button below the Logout Button. Does anyone have a clue on how to reorder the options?

Also, I chanced on a few menu designs that look good like the link below.

A different menu design

I believe this was Gnome3 in 18.04? I much prefer the round buttons. I will be okay switching to this look too.

Thanks in advance for helping me!

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you can tweak the order by editing the extensions extension.js file.

Open the extensions extension.js file with below command

gedit $HOME/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected]/extension.js

Reorder the menu as you wish from _nextAction() funtion, for example

_nextAction() {
let boolean;
// Separator1
boolean = this.gsettings.get_boolean('remove-separator-1');
if (!boolean) { SystemMenu.addMenuItem(separator1); };
// Suspend
boolean = this.gsettings.get_boolean('remove-suspend-button');
if (!boolean) { SystemMenu.addMenuItem(suspend); };
// Switch User
let bindFlags = GObject.BindingFlags.DEFAULT | GObject.BindingFlags.SYNC_CREATE;
DefaultActions.bind_property('can-switch-user', switchUser, 'visible', bindFlags);
// Separator2
boolean = this.gsettings.get_boolean('remove-separator-2');
if (!boolean) { SystemMenu.addMenuItem(separator2); };
// Logout
boolean = this.gsettings.get_boolean('remove-logout-button');
if (!boolean) { SystemMenu.addMenuItem(logout); };
boolean = this.gsettings.get_boolean('remove-restart-button');
if (!boolean) { SystemMenu.addMenuItem(restart); };
// Power
boolean = this.gsettings.get_boolean('remove-power-button');
if (!boolean) { SystemMenu.addMenuItem(power); };

enter image description here

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