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sudo find / -size +5G -ls

listed debug files with more than 8GB size at /sys/kernel/debug/dri/n/amdgpu_vram

(n is the number of GPUs)

These might be useless debug files.
Cannot delete them (error "Operation not permited").
How to delete these files?

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These are not files in the traditional sense.

The entire /sys filesystem is a virtual file system, which maps various system functions as files. They are not stored on disk; they're merely mechanisms to access various kernel functions. In this case, the file is the video RAM. The files can serve as a debugging interface, thus the naming.

Removing them does literally not make sense - as they're an representation of a physical feature of your computer system. That's why you're not allowed to remove them.

In short: Do not touch anything inside /sys or /proc unless you know what you are doing. You may crash your system. Reading them is generally safe - worst case will typically garble your terminal with random data.

There's lots of interesting stuff in /sys and /proc, that can tell you a whole lot about how your system operates, both the Linux kernel, and physical parts of your computer.

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