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I recently upgraded to ubuntu 20.04 after using 18.04 for 3 years, and i was playing around with the new snap Ubuntu Software, and saw there is Trackmania listed in games
so i installed it.

But when i tried to open it it showed me wine is being setup in home folder, i dont want wine to be installed in my current setup so i removed Trackmania, and checked if wine is installed with

dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep -i wine

But wine is not present, then i searched for wine prefixes

du -sh ~/.wine/*

nothing there, but as i know from experience if wine is installed it doesn't go away that easily, so since Ubuntu Software is totally a snap app now, i checked if some snap is installed which is related to wine (i never knew wine can be as a snap).

shantanu@shantanu-pc:~$ ls /var/lib/snapd/snaps
bare_5.snap partial
beekeeper-studio_113.snap pyqt5-runtime_12.snap
canonical-livepatch_105.snap snapd_13170.snap
core_11743.snap snapd_13270.snap
core_11798.snap snap-store_547.snap
core18_2128.snap wine-platform-3-stable_14.snap
gnome-3-28-1804_161.snap wine-platform-runtime_251.snap
gnome-3-34-1804_72.snap youtube-dl_4572.snap
gtk-common-themes_1515.snap youtube-dl-pro_49.snap

and lo and behold there it is, but what is it exactly this wine-platform-3-stable_14.snap and wine-platform-runtime_251.snap ? these are for sure not full flegged wine, so what are they and what do they do.

Can i remove them without breaking the system ? I mean i am not much familiar with snap ecosystem, and not sure if these two wine runtimes came with fresh ubuntu install.

Thanks for reading.

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Let's see....

$ snap info wine-platform-3-stable

description: |
This snap creates a WINE stable 3 via content sharing to be used by other
snaps that are using WINE.

$ snap info wine-platform-runtime

description: |
This snap provides a WINE runtime liberies via content sharing to be used
by other snaps that are using WINE.

"...[I] know from experience if wine is installed it doesn't go away that easily"

Your experience has perhaps misled you a bit. The persistence of Wine files depends upon your install method. Simple command to snapd will remove all Wine-related files:

sudo snap remove wine-platform-3-stable
sudo snap remove wine-platform-runtime

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