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I have a simple shell script to check if the user exist, if not, add that user

echo "Enter user"
read -r user
if [ "$(id -u "$user" &>/dev/null)" = 1 ]; then
echo "user existed"
useradd "$user"
echo "add password"
passwd "$user"
echo "$user" &>>text.txt
echo "saved"

But it does not display the "echo user exist". instead it displays like so:

Enter user


useradd: user 'abcdef' already exists

add password

New password:

In this case abcdef is an existing user

Please let me know what goes wrong here, thanks a lot.

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The following condition in your script:

if [ "$(id -u "$user" &>/dev/null)" = 1 ]; then

will never be true. It would be true only if the output of command id -u "$user" &>/dev/null would be the single digit 1, but as any output from that command is redirected to /dev/null, this will never happen.

Replace that line with

if { id -u "$user" &>/dev/null ; } then

This condition checks the exit status of the command (and not its output like $(...) does) and will be true if the command id -u "$user" &>/dev/null succeeds (that is, user exists) and false if it fails (that is, user doesn't exist).

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