Saturday, December 2, 2023
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So theoretically Wayland is now supported on Nvidia with the 470 and above drivers.

If this is true how can I completely transform my ubuntu 21.04 from Xorg to wayland?

(yes I am willing to completely reinstall steam and all my games, as well as any number of other apps)

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I don't have 21.04, but from what I read (this, this), Wayland is the default in 21.04, and you could actually use the cog in the login screen to switch to Xorg.

Actual images of the login screen in 21.04 (#1, #2)
show the options in the cog are

  • Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu on Xorg

as opposed what one had when enabling Wayland in 20.04, which is

  • Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu on Wayland

So I wonder how come you don't have the same options.

Please post the output of


Did you install 21.04 from scratch, or was it an upgrade?

If not, and you have enough disk space, you could set small partitions to try it out, installing then the nvidia 470 drivers. Everything looks to me like it should work, without you doing anything special.

Upgrading from 20.04 seems to have a few tricks, including: 1) modification of /etc/gdm3/custom.conf, 2) edition of udev rules (although for nvidia 470 this is perhaps not needed). But the alternative above seems a surer shot.

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