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Lubuntu 20.04. I've created a simple .sh script to run my Java program, so content of .sh is:

java -jar /path_to_my/test.jar

I marked this script as executable, and when double-clicking on it in the file manager (PCManFM-Qt v. 0.14.1) it just opens a terminal (QTerminal) and does nothing.

When executing the script manually in the terminal it works.

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The system has to know what type of script it is. That is done via the use of a "shebang"

For a simple bash script you can use

echo blah
sleep 4

It worked for you in bash (terminal) as your bash terminal made an assumption you were trying to run a bash script. pcmanfm-qt cannot really make that assumption, so the shebang tells the system what type of script it is.

(You already had the executable flag correct that was also required)

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