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I have searched everywhere and I can not find the config file on Ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS with only pip3 installed
do I have to make one?
The below commands return null:

locate pip.conf


locate pip3.conf


find pip3.conf


find: ‘pip3.conf’: No such file or directory

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The default locations are ...


Beware that there was a bug in pip 20.0 (used in Ubuntu 20.04) and fixed in pip 21.0 where it ignored the global and used


locate pip.conf 

only works after a sudo updatedb was performed since you installed it (happens automatically at a given interval but it is not real time).

If there is no default you can create it with ...

export PIP_CONFIG_FILE=/dir/to/pip.conf

or by just creating


See the documentation for more information.

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