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I would like to benchmark test my CPU and GPU. I have installed GB5 and successfully run the CPU testing from the command line using ./geekbench5. I was wondering if I could also run the GPU testing on the PC.

./geekbench5 --help

Geekbench 5.3.2 Tryout : https://www.geekbench.com/


./geekbench5 [ options ]


-h, --help print this message
--unlock EMAIL KEY unlock Geekbench using EMAIL and KEY
--load FILE load and display Geekbench result from FILE
--save FILE save Geekbench result to FILE
--cpu run the CPU benchmark
--sysinfo display system information and exit
[0223/120307:WARNING:src/halogen/cuda/cuda_library.cpp(1686)] Insufficient CUDA driver version
[0223/120307:WARNING:src/halogen/cl/opencl_library.cpp(691)] Cannot find or load OpenCL library.
[0223/120307:WARNING:src/halogen/vulkan/vulkan_library.cpp(1346)] Failed to load vkGetInstanceProcAddr:

If no options are given, the default action is to run the CPU benchmark.

More From » 20.04


It looks like you're using a demo version of Geekbench5. GPU benchmarking is a Geekbench5 Pro feature. Using the Pro version:

  1. Run geekbench5 --compute-list to get a list of available GPU tests.

  2. Run the desired GPU test with geekbench5 --compute <test>

From the Geekbench5Pro CLI Specification:

You can view the Compute API available on your system with the following command:

geekbench5 --compute-list

You can then select one Compute API to run a benchmark with. For example, we can run an OpenCL Compute benchmark on a system that supports OpenCL with the following command:

geekbench5 --compute OpenCL

If you have multiple GPUs which support the same Compute API, you can differentiate between them with the platform and device ID numbers that appear before the GPU's name after running geekbench5 --compute-list. For example, if the output of geekbench5 --compute-list contains two devices under OpenCL, including 0 1 AMD Radeon VII, you can run the OpenCL benchmark on the Radeon VII with the following command:

geekbench5 --compute OpenCL --compute-platform-id 0 --compute-device-id 1

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