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In windows 8 I used to do in run:

ping -t

where is my DNS IP(suppose).

How to do this same thing in ubuntu?
I have already tried this in the terminal window but it shows an error:

option requires an argument t

So how to do this?

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Only ping would do.

In Ubuntu by default ping continues to run indefinitely unless you mention a limit (by the -c option), so ping is the same as windows ping -t.

In Ubuntu the -t option of ping is to set a TTL value, as you have inserted the -t option without giving a TTL value you are getting the error saying you need to give a value to -t.

If you need to change the ICMP packet size from 64 bytes to 32 bytes:

ping -s 24

As 8 byte ICMP header is added so the total packet size would be 24+8=32 bytes.

Check man ping to get more idea.

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