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What are the browsers that I can get on Ubuntu? I know there is Firefox, as that comes installed by default, and the Ubuntu Default Browser, but what others are there that you can install?

I am confident using apt-get and the software centre, and I am also interested if there are some like chrome that are widely used but not in the Software Centre?

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You can obtain a full list of browsers in the repos by searching for what "provides" the www-browser task. That is most simple with aptitude:

aptitude search '~Pwww-browser'

The list current from my computer (which has some PPAs —notably Chrome— installed) stands at: arora, chimera2, chromium-browser, dillo, dwb, elinks, epiphany-browser, firefox, google-chrome-beta, google-chrome-stable, google-chrome-unstable, konqueror, links, links2, lynx-cur, midori, netrik, netsurf, netsurf-fb, netsurf-gtk, rekonq, surf, uzbl, w3m, xemacs21-mule, xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn, xemacs21-nomule

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