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Just tried to run jockey-text on my test server and found that it's not installed. Looked for the jockey-common package and found nothing. Even did a package search and there's no release for Trusty.

I feel like I've missed an important bit of news but what manages the "additional drivers" side of things in 14.04? Has Jockey been replaced or just renamed?

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Open the terminal and type:

sudo apt install ubuntu-drivers-common

ubuntu-drivers-common detects and installs additional Ubuntu driver packages.

This package aggregates and abstracts Ubuntu specific logic and knowledge
about third-party driver packages, and provides APIs for installers and driver
configuration GUIs. It also contains some NVidia specific support code to find
the most appropriate driver version (as Ubuntu usually ships several), as well as
setting up the alternatives symlinks that the proprietary NVidia and FGLRX
packages use.

Command line interface

The simplest frontend is the "ubuntu-drivers" command line tool. You can use
it to show the available driver packages which apply to the current system
(ubuntu-drivers list), or to install all drivers which are appropriate for
automatic installation (sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall), which is mostly
useful for integration into installers.

See also: Can I install extra drivers via the command prompt?

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