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I'm following this:

and I know a lot of boot-disk creation stuff will wipe my USB---it's 30GB which is more than I can comfortably back up to my HD right now, but I would like to install ubuntu on a friend's machine.

These instructions say: "If you’re not yet sure about installing Ubuntu, you can try it out without affecting your current system." So, that suggests there won't be any deleting, but I'm hesitant to push the "Make startup disk" button here:


...when there's a button so nearby called "Erase Disk" so close by---I would never want erasing my disk to be an option if it weren't necessary. Can someone confirm for me for sure whether this operation will delete my USB contents?

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Well, I decided to chance it (I have no capacity to make backups, but needed the install disk).

Clicking "make startup disk" without erasing the disk produced the un-informative error "installation failed." I assume it might work if I erased the disk, but don't know for sure.

Anyhow, I can provide an answer to my own question---no, clicking on that button will not in itself format your disk. BUT you may need to format your disk to make any use of this program.

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