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I want my Launcher to be transparent, so I check "Transparency" in Unity tweak tool and... it's solid. When I uncheck the transparency button... it is transparency. I've made gif to show it clearly.

How to make the launcher fully transparent?

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Maybe a bug. Maybe it’s because CCSM (CompizConfig Settings Manager) uses Opacity instead, so when you set Transparency OFF, probably it sets the Opacity equal to 0; thus it’s transparent. So if you want to make it totally transparent, you should move the slider position once and then put it on the tranparency 100% and also choose black for custom color, otherwise, it won’t be fully transparent. Here’s some screenshots:

Transparency 100% with a wallpaper-based color: it’s not transparent!

Launcher transparency 100% with wallpaper-based color

Transparency 100% with white: it’s not transparent but rather shiny!

Launcher transparency 100% with white color

Transparency 100% with black: it’s really transparent, but COF icon has a black background.

Launcher transparency 100% with black color

Transparency OFF with black: the same result as transparency 100%. Turning the transparency off means 100% tranparency (Opacity OFF)!

Launcher transparency OFF with black


  1. If you make the Launcher transparent, you may also want to change Icon backgrounds to All applications.

  2. The default value (correct position) for Launcher transparency is on the line about the middle of the range (40%).

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