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I'm new to this Ubuntu 13.04, and I'm a web designer and developer I used Dreamweaver when I am using windows so can any one help me which of the text editor is best to use which helps me in designing (HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript) and developing (PHP, MySql) and which is same like adobe Dreamweaver and can you also help me how to install it in my Ubuntu 13.04 64bit.

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I'm also Web-Developer. In my opinion, Dreamweaver is an expensive and unnecessary ballony for a developer who works in HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, php/mysql, java and so on.

I use NETBEANS for developement. It's the real dream. It runs to my knowledge on all linux distributions.

For art design and photography I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Gimp 2.8, RAWThereapie, Phatch, scribus.... Only OpenSource! It's more than enough for development, publishing and design.

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