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does anyone know how to change the behavior of my mouse middle-click button? it always opens the dash no matter what application i am in. it's a wireless logitech t400 if that matters. thanks.

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As edwin noted in his comment, the middle mouse button of your Logitech Zone Touch T400 wireless mouse has an unusual default behavior. In fact there are two different middle mouse button behaviors, one for the upper and center part of the middle button (your problem middle mouse behavior) and another one for the bottom of the middle mouse button.

However the mouse behavior can be changed using xinput. Open the terminal and type xinput. The output of running xinput will tell you the full device name and the device id of your Logitech Zone Touch T400 wireless mouse. All you need to note from running this command is the device id number of your mouse. In the commands that follow, I'll call the mouse id number id#. In the commands that follow, substitute your mouse id number for id#.

To display the mouse properties run:

xinput list-props id#

Find the display property called Button Labels. Read the whole line of the display property called Button Labels to find out what each mouse button of your mouse does. Next you need to display the list of digits corresponding to each Button Label. To do this run:

xinput get-button-map id#

Next you can switch the mouse actions by switching the numbers around that you got from running xinput get-button-map id#. Let's say you have 12 mouse actions and you want to switch mouse action 11 with mouse action 12. To do this run:

xinput set-button-map id# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 11 

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