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I have a Acoustic Guitar, which has audio output jack is there any way i can connect that jack to Ubuntu microphone in and then use some existing software which will make the Guitar sound like metal sounds?

Something like using my Ubuntu to replace the need of Electrical guitars? Which tools and how it can be done any guides please?

Follow up:

enter image description here

1) Download and install "Rakarrack"
- this helps to make guitar to any effects (metal, or anything almost)

2) Effects sample

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To do that you need a special Auto card. Such things can be found in music stores. You simply need to chose one that is compatible with Ubuntu. If that is the case, the software distributed with the card should allow to do such things. Some devices are USB connected to PC. Of course you can try to use your built-in audo card, but most probably it won't work as expected - there will be about 1 or 2 seconds of latency between what you play and what you hear.

Examples of such devices. However this one doesn't work with Linux. At least it is not mentioned.

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