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Pretty simple question i think.

I am going to install a 2terabyta SATA drive in my PC, I want to partion it using windows disk manager (a 500gig for Ubuntu the other 1500 for storage)

If i choose to format the 500 gig partition from windows ready for the Ubuntu install. will this work? ie: Fat32 or NTfile system?

Or does Ubuntu have it own file system which the partion needs to be formatted in off the bootable DVD?

Im assuming it needs it own is correct?

And also, will Ubuntu have any trouble accessing other HDD on my PC they might be formatted by NT or Fat 32 etc..

Thanks, looking forward to giving ubuntu a crack.

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You can not partition or format a hard drive for Ubuntu from Windows. This has to be done from the partitioning tool that comes with the live CD.

We are able to partition the whole drive from this CD, including a partition formatted NTFS or FAT32 for access from Windows. Just choose "Something else" during the installation process.

But if you are unexperienced with Ubuntu, and to avoid data loss from accidentally partitioning a drive or partition where you keep your data it is advisable to:

  • make a backup of your important data before you install a new OS

  • let Ubuntu install on a free, unpartitioned space of your drive. Then the installer will automatically take care of proper partitions, and will only use up truly free space on your drive(s).

  • Don't proceed when you have the slightest doubt whether you had set the partitions correctly. Better ask someone first.

To obtain such a free, unpartitioned space just leave 500 GB unpartitioned when you go ahead to partition the new drive from Windows.

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