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Where are passwords stored for the user. As a test I deleted the files stored in /home/user/.gnome2/keyrings expecting to have to re-enter my WiFi password at least but it had no effect. So where are passwords stored in 12.10?

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The keyring files are no longer stored in the ~/.gnome2/keyrings folder. They are now stored under $XDG_DATA_HOME in a combination of the keyrings and keystore directories.

However, WiFi network passphrases are a special case. As NetworkManager now has support for global vs. per-user network settings, your WiFi passphrase is likely stored in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ in a file named the same as the WiFi network.

If the only password you've entered into the system is the WiFi passphrase, when you were logged in, and don't have any SSH passphrases or other passwords stored in the keyring, then the keyring will most likely be empty. Deleting the files won't change that.

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