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I have problems related to C programming on Ubuntu 12.04. While compiling C program consisting pow I faced difficulties. Then I searched the Internet and got the solution with -lm. But that's the compiling part. How to execute and Run that program that has pow in it? I failed to execute and run. The message said No such file or directory. What can I do?

Again, is there any easy way of learning C programming on Ubuntu, where I can fully concentrate on coding? I prefer not to have to think about compiling, executing and running the code. Should I use an IDE for that? What do you say?

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The problem using the function pow is that it's a function from another library, not from the C language. So, you need to link to the math library. But I don't get why you can't run the program. What complete command are you using to compile and what to run?

About using an IDE, I recommend you not to use it while you're learning, or you can miss the understanding of how everything works.

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