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My sound stopped working today, how can I fix it?

I'm baffled by this discrepancy:

  1. This speaker test is successful:

    speaker-test -c 6 -D 'surround51:CARD=PCH,DEV=0'

  2. Sound Settings is behaving as if I have no sound card:

    Sound Settings

How do I find out what's causing this problem?


Have a look at aplay -L, pacmd list-cards, lshw, pulseaudio -vvvv, and pavucontrol. I do not use HDMI.

This discussion of a similar problem on a PulseAudio mailing list suggests that changes to /etc/pulse/ might be responsible, but I have not edited this file.

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Turns out I was running into Bug #590780: Installing "randomsound" package causes Pulseaudio to stop functioning at reboot and didn't know it yet. See this answer:

  1. Run pstree | less

  2. In that, type /arecord and press return to find the arecord process.

  3. Press up once and you'll see its parent. In my case this was randomsound.

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