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I was wondering which is the best method to go about if I want to play win based games.

I do not want to go with the dual boot method as this will cost me time to restart, login and run a os to do my work or pass the time, and some of my apps rely on win and my graphics to run. for example Daz3d, Photoshop, Flash etc.

Now I read about HVM(hardware virtual machines) and then I know about the 3D Virtualization of VMware and VirtualBox. However, the 2 later virtualize the 3D and do not using the full power of the GPU. So this option wont perform perfect for latest games like D3.

I was wondering if anyone has experience in HVM(like xen if i am not mistaken) and tried something similar to access the full power of the GPU and successfully run newer games and other products relying on the GPU?

Will be the first time setting up a HVM, no experience in this so don't know what to expect.

This will help a lot as I do not want to revert back to win or as mentioned do dual boot.

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  • Xen HVM is...exactly the same virtualization as VMware and Virtualbox; there's no difference. It's only called that because there's another kind called Xen PVM (para-virtualized), which can only run Linux VMs and is more efficient in some cases.

  • To be honest, while both VMWare and Vbox have rudimentary 3D support (Xen HVM has none -- it's mostly meant for servers), it will 99.9% be insufficient to run modern 3D games, no matter how powerful your CPU or GPU. You will have to dual-boot, unless your favorite games are Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake 1 :p

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