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My provider forces a re-connect all 24h, which breaks my XChat session. Though the connection usually is re-established within seconds, due to the changed IP the "old session" is invalidated. XChat automatically joins the network(s), but then my nick gets refused as it "is already in use". I can manually solve that by "/nickserv ghost MyUser MyPass" -- but I could not find any place to configure XChat to do that automatically. Is that possible, and if so, how?

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This is based off my SU answer to a similar question

Assuming all versions work the same, you can put /msg nickserv ghost name password as a connect command under server settings for freenode.

enter image description here

To change your nick as well is a little tricky - type in

/msg nickserv ghost username password


/nick username

As one line. This should do both commands one after another.

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