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I have an Ubuntu 12.04 / Windows 7 dual boot. After installing Ubuntu my computer reboots straight to Windows. There is no option to boot Ubuntu.


  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

  • CPU: Intel i5 2500k

  • mobo: ASUS P8Z68-V Pro

  • GPU: GeForce GTX 570

  • SSD: Corsair 120GB (Windows 7)

  • HDD: WD 1TB

I select the USB drive in the BIOS and boot to it and choose install. I select to manually configure partitions, partition the 200 GB of unallocated space on my 1 TB HDD into 16 GB swap file, 30 GB / ext4, and 154 GB /home ext4.

I made sure that the bootloader is installed on the Corsair 120GB SSD (where the Windows boot is) and the installation goes smoothly.

When I reboot after the install it runs through the BIOS straight into Windows. I have tried upwards of a dozen times and I have also tried with Linux Mint. I have also redownloaded the ISO and used two different programs to create the live USB.

The installation seems to have gone well, as after the installation I can see the partitions I have created in Windows Device Manager.

screenshot of Windows Device Manager showing Ubuntu and Windows partitions

I currently run Lubuntu on my laptop, but it is not a dual boot. I'm assuming this is a bootloader issue and I am assuming that inside those partitioned files in my screenshot there is a working Ubuntu 12.04. I just have no way of getting to it.

Update: (copied from comment)

I booted using my Ubuntu live USB and used the Boot-Repair tool suggested in virpara's answer.

Upon opening the tool I saw that it was recognizing my SSD as a removable drive and defaulting to install on the HDD. Once I realized that I was able to force install onto the SSD. My computer can now boot Ubuntu.

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you should re-install grub.
check my answer here. It is done through GUI tool.

By the way I don't like to give link to answer but it doesn't worth just copy and paste it again and again.

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