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I have a Intel i7 2600 processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, nVidia GTX570 graphics card, and still Ubuntu taking 45-50 seconds to boot and 32-35 seconds to power off, while Windows 7 boots in only 20-25 seconds and shuts down in 10 seconds. Both OS has Automatic Login enabled, and obviously I am dual-booting.

Ubuntu is slow in Pre loading stage too, and doesn't show any boot splash after installing drivers and didn't recognize my nVidia graphics card on jockey GTK, I had to add "x swat" repository and that didn't worked. I installed proprietary drivers through terminal (nvidia-common, nvidia-settings) in order to have 3D acceleration. But it doesn't make any difference on the speed.

I also have a Pentium 4 PC and in that PC, Ubuntu 11.10 is way faster than windows 7 or XP with nvidia graphics card. And Preload (showing splash screen) is good.

Here is my boot script, some words there are in Spanish because my Ubuntu is in Spanish lanuage.

I am not using WUBI, Ubuntu has its own partition, it is 64-bits, and Matlab 2011 has very low performance compared to Windows version.

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I actually have a Core i7 2600 with 16GB RAM running Ubuntu 11.10 (32Bit+PAE). The motherboard is an Intel DZ68DB and an Nvidia 440 GT. The booting time is about 20-25 seconds on Ubuntu 11.10, but on Windows 7 it gets up to a minute easily.

Basically this depends a lot on the motherboard, not just the CPU or Memory. But in your case and mine we need to remember that Sandy Bridge (And Ivy Bridge) is not well supported in 11.10. In 12.04 you should see a change. There are many questions in askubuntu about the problems with Sandy Bridge that are already solved in the latest kernel (And applied in 12.04).

I can vouch that the some weird stuff does happen every so often like the system freezes sometimes for a second or that it gets just weird when doing several activities. But for what I have been following on omgubuntu, phoronix, and the H the next Ubuntu version will solve most if not all problems related to Sandy/Ivy. So you can expect a better boot time and a better response time in general with that hardware.

Only 2 weeks to go for 12.04.

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