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I have impossible task to do! Going crazy!

On fresh Ubuntu server 10.04. install, via SSH I've installed desktop and VNC server.
Then Skype.

Problem is that Ubuntu is VPS! And it don't have physical sound card.

I have tried everything that Google searching suggested, no luck!

For Windows system there is Virtual Audio Cable, that would make my life easier, but is there any solution for Ubuntu ?

Some said that Jack is solution, but I can't find any step by step tutorial.

I need to record Skype output! And "play audio file" to Skype input (mic).

Please help!

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I gave two solutions to another user doing something similar just the other day.

The problem with Skype is it's almost completely locked down, being a closed source application and the developers of it have a clear intended use for it (desktop/mobile), and not listening to server rooms. There are a couple of simlpe options though:

  1. Pipe MP3 over SSH. This requires almost no setup, past getting arecord working on the server, installing lame on the server and installing mpg321 on the client machine.

    ssh oli@bessy "arecord -q -t raw | lame -x -r -" | mpg321

    If you have more than one client listening, it might be bandwidth/CPU heavy so you might want to look at the next option...

  2. Use a broadcast-style application like Icecast or TeamSpeak because they're better designed for problem than Skype.

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