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I'm wanting a dual HD monitor desktop. Desktop system with two monitor outputs (1920x1080 and 1920x1200) side-by-side, displaying one X screen (Xinerama, TwinView, XRandR, whatever works). Will be running Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit with Unity 3D.

Looking for a recommended graphics card for such a setup. Other requirements:

  • Dual DVI output. Or dual-HDMI output if it works with Ubuntu.

  • Smooth non-buggy desktop compositing in Unity 3D/Compiz

  • Smooth rendering of (Chrome) browser and non-accelerated IDE windows.

  • At least 60fps on fullscreen glxgears (1920x1200 resolution), but not looking to play games.

  • Smooth fullscreen video playback (just because)

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I am running Ubuntu 11.10 and using the mini DisplayPort to export video display to a 1920X1080p HD Monitor (Dell) and the HDMI port to a 1920X1080p HD Monitor (SAmsung).
All the requirments you mentioned above are met but one which is a true xinerama and that is because my computer is Nvidia Optimus Enabled.
But in your case (Desktop Computer) you will not have Optimus (supposing you go for Nvidia). Just be sure not to have hybrid graphics.

Nvidia GTS series graphics card offer the best Price/quality balance on the market over ATI while ATI offers better results when it comes to its EyeFinity high ends graphics cards.
If you would not do gaming at all or occasionaly play non resources consuming games, then get yourself a Nvidia GTS series card with 2Go of memory for more texture quality.
These series offer three outputs : two DVI and 1 HDMI. The advantage that HDMI has over DVI is that is capable of outputting sound.

Here is what you need:
Nvidia GTS 450
Ps: Be sure to install nvidia proprietary drivers to enable Unity 3D and GPU acceleration.

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