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In Nautilus if I press CTRL+F inside a folder I get a search box that helps me search in the current directory and sub directories for specific names and types of files, but what if I want to:

  • Find ALL files (including files without extensions)

  • Find a file without an extension (Without the dot symbol or without any other name/extension separator)

  • Find a file with/without a special character

  • Find all files that start/not start with a character

  • Find all files that end/not end with a character

  • Find all files that start/no start with a character but end/not end with a character

  • Find only files/folders

  • Find files with specific text in them

  • Find files with less/more/equal than/to X size

  • Find files modified/created in X date

I ask since the KDE's search has all of this ways of searching for especific types of files and is much better in thism giving a pretty good freedom for when I want to go searching for virtually anything.

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Sounds like a job for gnome-search-tool.

gnome-search-tool example

It can perform partial matches on the file name and search on more options:

  • File content

  • Modification date

  • Size

  • File emptiness

  • Owner/Group

  • Name pattern exclusion

  • Name regular expression match

  • Hidden and backup files

It can also:

  • Follow symbolic links

  • Exclude other filesystems

You can define a a location to search. In my example I have two .gpl files in that directory but only one containing the word Server.

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