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I've been trying to make xcompmgrto autostart in Lubuntu 11.10 but it just doesn't, I have to start it manually.

I have added the next lines to the autostart script in ~/.config/openbox/

#Run a composite manager
xcompmgr &

But whenever I log in it doesn't do anything, I don't really need any special parameters for it I just want it to start at log in.

How can I make it run automatically at login?

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First create the autostart folder if it doesnt already exist:

mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart

Then create a xcompmgr desktop file

lxshortcut -o ~/.config/autostart/xcompmgr.desktop

enter image description here

logout and login.

N.B. this picture shows what the xcompmgr.desktop file contains as well how to confirm xcompmgr is running.

enter image description here

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