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logged into my ubuntu account and found myself on a screen with just my desktop background and nothing else.

pressing the volume buttons displays the indicator, and i can get to a tty session but i can't do anything else. restarting gdm doesn't seem to help at all either

I'm running 11.10, upgraded from a wubi install of 11.04.

any thoughts?

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Greg, not knowing which default DM you are using, it could be several things at fault. Unfortunately lacking enough information to answer with confidence, but would suspect that the desktop-manager session has become a mess somehow.

Knowing what was occurring prior to the problem would be helpful. Was this just post-upgrade or had there been recently installed packages, or was there something else occurring prior to login?.

Depending on which DM you are using by default (gnome-shell or unity) you might want to drop down into a recovery console and try to reset the DM, if you believe that is the root of the problem.

Know that the command: unity --reset should restore the unity DM defaults, but have not had any luck while the X server is running and trying that command from a tty.

Seems it does not quite finish. Know there is a command to replace the gnome-shell as well, and if you should also load the gnome-session-fallback just in case. HTH, not sure if this answers, but trying to.

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