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I have a HP dm1z with one of those button-less click pads. I'm running Oneiric beta, and the multitouch functionality works - I'm able to two finger scroll and move windows with a 3 finger gesture. However, drag and drop doesn't work , since it thinks I'm two-finger scrolling.

This would be fixed if I could set the bottom edge of the touchpad to not count for multitouch gestures, but I would like to still be able to use it for simple pointer movement.

I know AreaBottomEdge would completely disable it; I'm looking for a way to only disable the multitouch features on that section. Is this possible?

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You can specify edges for touchpad as well as manipulate them. There are much more options.

First of all list your configurations.

synclient -l | awk '/=/{printf "Option "%s" "%s"

and try changing them to your need. Here is the sample. I think you should look into this as well.

First test temporarily with synclient command


synclient LeftEdge=####

After you are satisfied with your test make it permanent in the /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf with options you require.

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