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It has been a headache trying to install this printer. All the tutorials I found are for older versions of Ubuntu, and none of them work.

How can I install this printer?

Edit: HOWTO: Install PITA Lexmark Z600 Z615 and Dell Photo Printer 720

Setup Lexmark Z600 and X series printer on Ubuntu (i tried this one, only that it was translated to spanish, but it was the same instructions)

HOWTO: Lexmark Printers

I always get an error when extracting the converted tars with all of the tuts, invalid argument or the file doesn't exist.

Looks like, i was missing some ia32 libs .. and that caused the errors with the tar files, anyways i still can't print now i get this, cups-insecure-filter

How to install Lezmark Z600 series printer

Here, the OP offers 2 debs, i installed them on a 32 bit Ubuntu install, now the printer gets recognized but still can't print, 'cause i'm missing a filter, "rastertoz600".

More From » 64-bit


HOWTO: Lexmark Printers Page 69 post 68 by VietCanada this worked!.

  1. install libstdc++5 from synaptic.

  2. install getlibs-all.deb.

  3. install lexmark.z600-0.4.deb.

  4. go to

  5. choose Lexmark z600 printer

Only seems to work for 64 bit though, on a 32 bit Ubuntu 11.04 Install, the package lexmark.z600-0.4.deb can't be installed due to a missing dependency libcupsys2 which i can't install.

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