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I'm using Xubuntu 11.04. Before everything worked fine, but when booting today the following happened:

  1. Window focus does not leave the first-opened program. This means that if I keep Firefox open, and open a terminal, window focus will never be transferred to the terminal.

    (EDIT: if I open a terminal first, and then open Firefox, Firefox steals focus)

  2. Window menus have disappeared. The maximize, minimize, etc., buttons and menu are gone.

  3. In Xfce Settings Manager, the "Window Manager" settings window is empty. There is just a gray screen there, so I cannot modify any window settings.

  4. The keyboard shortcuts I had previously defined using the Settings Manager do no longer work. Further, ALT-TAB no longer works for cycling between windows.

  5. The mouse pointer does not show when I first log in. I have to log out and log in again (with an invisible pointer) before the mouse shows itself.


  6. I cannot re-size or move the Thunderbird window, but I can move the Firefox window

What can I do to troubleshoot this?

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You need to have the program xfwm4 run on startup.

To do that, add a program to the login items.

To add a program to the login items, open up the session editor (Applications Menu > Settings > Session and Startup), switch to the "Application Autostart" tab, and then add a new item:

enter image description here

Click "OK", and you should be good to go.

Also, if you could file a bug (For more on how to do that take a look here) that'd be great.

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