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I have an automatic login and no screensaver password. I would easily have no password at all, but I am keeping it for the things that require root in hope of using alternative methods to get my convenience.

I removed the password from my keyring, because it does not get unlocked during the automatic login. I don't store anything in my keyring except some personal music and personal email anyway, also I am tech savvy and am more capable of protecting my computer than most.

The one place that still annoys me is when I put the computer to sleep and come back the next day, it asks for a password. I do this whenever I have a multi-day project I am working on (I am a programmer), so I don't have to launch all my windows back.

How can I have an automatic login when the computer wakes up from sleep?

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If you mean you are trying to disable the screen lock that occurs when resuming from a suspend, you can do:

sudo vi /etc/default/acpi-support

Find the line that begins with LOCK_SCREEN= and replace it with:


You will have to reboot once. Then you can suspend and resume without a password prompt.

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