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I am a new Ubuntu 22.04 user who is facing an issue with the Snap
Store. Whenever I try to update the Snap Store I can see these error messages.

enter image description here

Pending update of "snap-store" snap 
Close the app to avoid disruptions (13 days left)

error 2

Unable to update "Snap Store": 
(null): cannot refresh "snap-store": snap "snap-store" has
running apps (ubuntu-software)

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Sometimes the snap-store process starts in the background and stays open with 0% CPU usage even if the user did not actually launch the Snap Store application in the current session. For example, this would be the case if the following notification appeared on your desktop one or two minutes after booting Ubuntu.

enter image description here

If you opened the System Monitor it would show that the snap-store process had started automatically and was running. Ending the snap-store process would enable you to update the snap-store by running the following command.

sudo snap refresh

Alternatively to end the snap-store process so that the snap-store snap can be updated run the following command.

snap-store --quit && sudo snap refresh snap-store

If snap-store --quit doesn't work then force end the snap-store process from the System Monitor and run sudo snap refresh snap-store.

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