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In Ubuntu 19.10, how can you exit the desktop and go straight to a terminal?

I'd prefer to do this using a command, instead of Ctrl-Alt-F1 type techniques, because I'm doing this in a virtual machine, and I don't want those keys-combinations to be mistakenly directed to the host instead of being direct to the virtual machine.

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sudo systemctl isolate Name (multi-user.target) in your case

Start the unit specified on the command line and its dependencies
and stop all others, unless they have
IgnoreOnIsolate=yes (see systemd.unit(5)). If a unit name with no extension is given, an extension of ".target" will
be assumed.

This is similar to changing the runlevel in a traditional init system. The isolate command will immediately stop
processes that are not enabled in the new unit, possibly including the graphical environment or terminal you are
currently using.

Note that this is allowed only on units where AllowIsolate= is enabled. See systemd.unit(5) for details.

Stolen from manpage.

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