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I am running Ubuntu 20.04, I accidentally deleted the EFI partition (Damn GParted!)
The system is still running. Can I create a new partition in the now UNUSED area, set the EFI flag and boot flag, and then just run update-grub?
Will update-grub repopulate the EFI partition? Can I DD the EFI partition from another Ubuntu install?

Quick replies,
Greatly Appreciated!

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Thanks to ubfan1, I was able to repair and reboot. I followed these steps:

  1. Recreate a partition using GParted in the "unallocated" section created by deleting the original EFI partition.

  2. Select FAT32, manage flags and set the "boot" flag.

  3. Use blkid command to find the UUID of new partition.

  4. Edit /etc/fstab so that /boot/efi will be mounted using the new UUID.

  5. Mount /boot/efi.

  6. Copy all the files from /boot/efi of another Ubuntu machine to the new /boot/efi.

  7. Edit /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grub.cfg to have UUID of root partition of machine being fixed.

  8. Pray to the Penguin God and reboot.

Everything is fine now.

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