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I installed a clean Ubuntu18.04 with minimal installation and installed the xrdp package.

After the XRDP user/password there is a password prompt in ubuntu for my user popping up. When I enter it the connection just dies and the connection windows dissapears.

Does anyone got xrdp running on the 18.04 release yet?

Thanks in advance

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It works fine with my desktop!

picture - success login xrdp

The good news is it works good with Nvidia drivers so far.

However there is still some issue to be fixed:

  1. If you are not logout in local, the remote login would fail.

  2. It would ask you to input password after login once again.

    picture - password again

  3. After login, it would ask for a authentication.

    picture - authentication never pass

    And this authenticate would never pass unless you click cancel. (Just cancel it, then you can get in the Desktop.)

to avoid the authenticate popup,you might execute the command below

(provide by this post):

sudo bash -c "cat >/etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/45-allow.colord.pkla" <<EOF
[Allow Colord all Users]

If the problem is not solved, I'll suggest you to:

  1. Install drivers by:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

  2. Log out any local logged-in account.

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