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Kubuntu 21.04 - When trying to run an appimage from Dolphin, I get

For security reasons, launching executables is not allowed in this context

The permissions are set correctly. It works if I right-click and "Run in Konsole", or if I minimize everything and run it from the desktop. PCManFM will run it, putting up a similar message but offering the option to run the program anyway. I can also "trust" the application and it just runs, now.

So what's up with Dolphin? What security reasons? What context? Is it possible to run an appimage from Dolphin?

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Nothing is up with Dolphin and the AppImage. It is rather your desktop environment that has some security measures in place. Increasingly, the possibility of running any random file just by just double-clicking in the file manager is being deprecated. It is not allowed from within Dolphin. It is still allowed, however, from the desktop.

Start the AppImage in one of the supported ways. Better yet, create a .desktop launcher for the AppImage so you can start it from the application menu like any other program. Alternatively, a tool AppImageLauncher is available that can automate that process.

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