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At the risk of sounding like a complete noob... "how do I actually use the updater included with the download of thunderbird 91?"

I downloaded and extracted the TB91 archive from . I see an updater patch, but I do not see a basic "Read Me" to explain how to use the updater patch.

I tried sudo chmod +x updater, then $ ./updater , but get errors.


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First, excuse me if I am making a wrong assumptions here. I assume you have Thunderbird 78 installed via the Ubuntu package manager and you want to upgrade to Thunderbird 91.

There are, at least, five ways, in principle:

  1. Remove the apt version, and install the Thunderbird 91 snap, by choosing the "candidate" channel instead of "stable". This is a very safe way to upgrade, and recommended.

  2. Find a PPA for Thunderbid 91. I could not find one, and I don't recommend PPAs typically.

  3. Use the downloaded tar-archive from the Thunderbird website. I don't think the "update" is a program you are supposed to run, you should follow the instructions here:

  4. Remove Thunderbird 78 with apt, and use the appimage version of Thunderbird 91.

  5. Yet another alternative is a flatpak, available at

I know the instructions for the Mozilla tarball update are outdated, but should still work. It is up to you to place the extracted tar-archive to a place that is convenient for you. I personally would put it in ~/thunderbid and have a symbolic link to the thundebird binary at ~/bin.

You should either a) remove the old Thunderbird 78 via apt/package manager or b) at least make sure you don't accidentally run the old version by creating custom launchers for the new version and setting up your path correctly. I would remove the old Thunderbird completely. Mixing the two versions might lead to some serious weirdness.

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