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I installed KDE via the sudo apt-get install kde-plasm-desktop command (I wanted less packages than installing the Kubuntu-desktop would give me) and now I get the KDE (or is it Kubuntu?) login screen:

KDE Login Screen

This is what I get, and I can't select the different DEs I have installed. I would like to go back to the default Ubuntu login screen if that is possible. Is there some sort of dpkg command I should run, because that would kinda make sense.

Thanks in advance (that is, if you solve my problem. If you don't well, then I suppose I could thank you for trying to help...I dunno :D)

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If that is kdm then just try dpkg-reconfigure lightdm and choose lightdm. If it is the lightdm-kde-greeter try this question How to change the LightDM theme/greeter?.

This was @tvn's answer via a comment, so if @tvn wants to answer it himself I will accept his, otherwise I will accept mine to close the question.

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