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I setup LXC using:

lxc-create -t ubuntu -n lxcguest1

But I can't access any services running on it from my LAN, it appears to be NATed. How do I set it up so that I can access it (it probably needs to get it's dhcp address from my Linksys router)?


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I've just dealt with this issue myself. Basically you need to setup a bridge and bind your network card and container to it. Here is the article I followed:


Sounds as if like me, you require the 'bridge' solution rather than the NAT solution.
I also turned off the default LXC bridge setup (which is NAT'ed). To do this just edit the file: /etc/default/lxc and change USE_LXC_BRIDGE="TRUE" to USE_LXC_BRIDGE="FALSE" and reboot.

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