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I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 using update manager. After the upgrade, the wifi gets connected but would not display any webpages. If I ping or google.com, there is response.

I managed to fix this problem by using the command sudo dhclient wlan0. But, now the problem is that every time I switch wireless networks, I have to give that command. how do I make this permanent?

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Most likely the symbolic link /etc/resolv.conf -> ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf is missing on your system. To restore it, do the following in a terminal.

sudo apt-get install resolvconf
sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf

If you want to use as your nameserver then set up either ifup or NetworkManager to use that nameserver address for the interface(s) that it brings up.

If you use ifup then edit /etc/network/interfaces and, in the stanza for the interface in question, add the line "dns-nameservers"; then ifdown the interface and ifup it again.

If you use NetworkManager then open the connection editor and add as an additional nameserver address (network indicator | Edit Connections... | Wireless | myconnection | Edit... | IPv4 Settings | Additional DNS servers).

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